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X Music School was put together to help broaden music creative opportunities for the kids and youth within the local borough of Tower Hamlets. Being from an ethnic background in the UK the only time music instruments were accessible was either in church or in school. This has become a norm for kids from ethnic backgrounds growing up, leaving them feeling that learning these instruments isn’t an option although this is something that many will be interested in.

Creating the X Youth Programme is a step closer to the solution and we aim to play a part in that change, giving every child from all backgrounds the opportunity to learn instrumentals in a comfortable environment allowing the process to be enjoyable.

Giving access will allow parents to give their children an opportunity to learn instruments as this is currently not available in the area. This will also allow us to work closely with the youth helping them stay out of trouble and find love in something they may have thought wasn’t accessible. Our slogan is “Creating a comfortable environment to have an enjoyable learning process” we feel this is the most important thing as most kids and youth will only want to continue an interest if it’s enjoyable, so we feel it’s important to tailor-make each session based on the attendee.


  • You are within the low-income household threshold
  • You are a resident of Tower Hamlets
  • Your child is aged between 7-18.

Enrolment opens on 23rd August 2022. Join the waiting list to be the first to enrol.

How To Enrol

To enrol you must follow the steps below.

1. Fill out the X Youth Programme contact form below:

    You will be contacted by one of the X Music School staff and an email will be sent with the programme sign-up location, sign-up times and point of contact.

    2. You will be required to visit our sign-up location with all the required evidence. Evidence of universal credit or equivalent and proof of Address will be required to enrol.

    3. Once the required information has been provided and approved you will be able to enrol on the X Youth Programme where you will receive your free 12 sessions where your child will be able to choose between Drums, Guitar or Piano lessons which can be redeemed once a month.

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